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Andy Metzler, New River UniServ President

My name is Andy Metzler and I am a proud union member, union leader, and product of great public schools.   As a child of poverty, public schools afforded  me the opportunity to blossom into an educated, active, and productive member of our society. 

My experience as a public school student inspired me to become a public school teacher and train the next generation.  I still remember my first day in the classroom as a teacher: I was excited and scared.  However, knowing that my union brothers and sisters were there to support me gave me the courage to power through my first of many days (so far) in the classroom. 

My union membership is the best investment in my career success that I've ever made!  Our union has allowed me to network with professionals from all over the country, learn how to become an advocate for great public schools, and gives me peace of mind knowing that my union has my back every step of the way.  Membership in YOUR union is an investment in your future and yourself.  Join today!

Why Join New River UniServ?

Would you like to have voice in decision making within your local school system?

As a member of the VEA, you have a VOICE! The structure of the Virginia Education Association is designed to get input from members. If you have a concern contact your building representative, local president,.or the UniServ office. Better yet, attend a local meeting to share your concerns or ideas with colleagues.

Do you want to be part of a community of educators advocating for their students and one another?

Local leaders attend and speak at school board meetings, advocate for better funding from Town Councils and Board of Supervisors, and lobby the legislature via the VEA cyberlobby program and by meeting in person with members of the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate. Local presidents also meet with superintendents to discuss faculty and staff concerns regarding our schools.

Are you interested in growing as an educator?

The VEA offers an Instructional Conference each fall and summer programs such as Reggie Smith in Richmond. Also, New River UniServ offers our own Issues in Education Series. These professional development opportunities are offered at little or no cost to members and provide recertification points.

Do you want someone to have your back?

You work everyday to make sure that your students have the best possible education. Isn’t it time you had someone to stand up for you the way you stand up for your students? If you have an issue on the job, the New River UniServ office will be there for you to offer guidance, advice, and even legal representation under certain circumstances.

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