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Who We Are

New River UniServ is comprised of local education professionals working to improve education in our localities, our region, and our state. Local leaders work with paid staff from the National Education Association (NEA) and Virginia Education Association (VEA). Elected leaders serve on the New River UniServ Board of Directors, VEA District B Board, and the VEA Board of Directors. New River UniServ advocates for children, educators, and public education, lobbies for adequate education funding, and provides staff development through our Issues in Education Series.

Theresa Zeigler, UniServ DirectorTheresa Zeigler

New River UniServ Director

Theresa Zeigler is an experienced UniServ Director. She assists local leadership in developing and implementing year-round membership recruitment and retention plans, and provides assistance to members and local Associations. Contact Theresa at

Wanda Shepheard, Office ManagerWanda Shepheard

New River UniServ Office Manager

Wanda is our dedicated office manager. Anyone who has called the office with an issue or to register for Issues in Education seminars knows the sound of her voice. Folks in leadership positions can attest to her hard work and dedication. In addition to calling the office you can also e-mail

Erin Bull Erin Bull

New River UniServ President

Erin Bull is a fifth grade teacher at Christiansburg Elementary. She is a past president of the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) and previously served as a member of the VEA Board of Directors. Erin is currently the Political Action (PAC) Chair for New River UniServ and the Legislative chair of the MCEA. You can e-mail Erin at

Sonya MeekinsSonya Meekins

New River UniServ Vice President

Sonya Meekins is a Special Education Teacher at Giles High School, where she teaches mathematics resource and inclusion support. Sonya has previously served as the President of New River UniServ and on the VEA Board of Directors. Currently she is also the President of the Giles Education Association.

Cindy RoopCindy Roop

New River UniServ Secretary

Cindy Roop is an ESP at Christianburg High School. She also serves on the Montgomery County Education Association rep council

Robbie JonesRobbie Jones

New River UniServ ESP Board Member

Robbie Jones is the ESP Board Member for New River UniServ. She is also President for VEA District B and represents Carroll, Floyd, Galax, Giles, Grayson, Montgomery, Pulaksi, Radford, Smythe, Wythe and Bland on the Virginia Education Association Board of Directors. Robbie is past president of Montgomery County Education Association as well as Virginia ESP of the Year in 2016.